martes, 22 de abril de 2014

Stock Analysis Perrigo PRGO 04/22/2014 Last price 145.15$

Stock Analysis Perrigo  PRGO 04/22/2014 Last price  145.15$ 

Hi Everybody, This company is a global healthcare supplier. The consensus average target price is 175.72.
P/E= 52.59
EPS= 2.76
Recently I read that Jefferies Group Accords a $180 Target.

Let´s see the technicals:
Supports and Resistances:
S1: 136.30 S2: 130.76 R1:152.35 R2:164.26
The MACD is below zero and close to the signal.
The RSI is at 41% and crossed the 50% 03/20/2014.
It´s probably that the price will go up. The price entered into the buy range (as you can see in the chart)
Buy Range [135.82;144.07]
The stochastic will enter soon into the overbought range so I recommend to wait until the price go lower to take positions. However, as I said the price entered into the buy range during the last week. We can not forget that the price is the actually drawing a downstream channel.
Let´s see the targets:
TG1: 152.02$
TG2: 161.02$
TGext. 175.57$
The Chart:

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