lunes, 7 de abril de 2014

04/07/2014 MSFT Microsoft FORECAST and REVIEW last price: $39.87

04/07/2014 MSFT Microsoft FORECAST last price: $39.87

Well, you can see my last analysis ( the original text is in Spanish but you can use the translator. Most of my readers are form USA so I will writte the next analysis in English.) I made about Microsoft, as I predict the value is going down to our buy interval [$38.50;$39.30].
Let´s see the current technicals:
Supports and Resistances:
S1: 37.97$ S2: 36.60$ R1: 42   R2: 43.52
In my opinion the curve is going to begin the Elliot flat pattern. So it´s probably the price will go down a little more. Indeed, the buy interval is valid today. the middle point in this interval is: $38.90 and I recommend to buy at this price or perhaps lower than this price. There is the possibility that the price reaches the 50 AVG (big green line): $ 38.61 which is iside the buy interval too.
Let´s see the technicals:
MACD: recently cut the signal in a downward pattern. So could be better to wait until the price consolidates.
The RSI is at 54% and the stochastic is going to a rebound area.
The DMI shows flat pattern too.
Bollinger Bands: the price  relies on the midline of the bollinger bands, so could be interesting to follow today´s session.
If we buy in this price range our targets will be:

When we reach the fist target i recommend to make another analysis to take the decision of maintain or sell the stock.
Don´t forget that the analyst average target price is $40.19 (Well, they can fail too  as I can!.
Ok here are the graphs the fist is the analysis graph of 04/01/2014 and then is the actual graph:

 1.    04/01/2014 Analysis Graph.

2.   04/07/2014 Analysis Graph.

That´s all at this moment. I will hope this analysis help you!