miércoles, 9 de abril de 2014

04/09/2014 Trading Idea AAPL Apple Computer Inc. Last price: 523.44$

04/09/2014 Trading Idea AAPL Apple Computer Inc. 523.44$ 

Hi again. I´m going to analyse Apple Computers.
Let´s see the technicals:
Supports and reistances:
S1: 519 S2: 495 R1: 534  R2: 546
The average consensus target price is 590$.
As we can see in the graph, yesterday the curve drew a nice hammer, so it´s probably today the price will go up.
Nevertheless i have to continue the analysis.

The stock broke the downtrend line in 03/24/2014 with a gap however in April the curve has become to the downtrend line.
The Elliot waves in a short-term basis tell us that the curve is finishing the III wave (downtrend series,I have marked the waves on the graph.) It´s probably the will go up as i said but not much.
The RSI is at 41%(flat movement) and the stochastic is at 23% going down (K=29%).
The MACD is flat under zero with a very tight movement.
I recommend to wait until the stock drops a bit.
This is the buy interval I recommend:
 Buy Interval[499.18$;514$].
During the last session the day low was 518$.
Once we buy at those prices our target will be:
TG1: 525$
TG2: 532$
TG ext: 544$
Let´s see the graph: