miércoles, 19 de octubre de 2016

Fcb Financial Holdings Inc. 10/20/2016 FORECAST.

      Hi, ladies and gentlemans, today I want to study FCB. I should start with the  chart:

Let´s analyze the chart:
MACD <0 signal < MACD. However is flat.
Stochastic at 29.23% with a shy uptrend.
RSI at 43.6%. with uptrend behavoir.

As you can see the stock is out of the buy range that is shown as a green rectangle. The Eliott waves progresion in my opinion is nowadays developing a the five wave as I marked in the chart.
The sma is at 34 just in the same point of the primary uptrend.
It´s probably the stock will correct today. I will wait for a better open long trade.

And that´s All for today Folks!!

martes, 18 de octubre de 2016


Hi guys, a lot of time since the last time I post an analysis.

Here it is! the SPX500 fut.

Today I´ll show you a basic Chart ot he index, however I will write the advise below the chart.

As you can see in a daily basis the index has arrived to his max point and at this moment is probably that it will start a correction.
I had read  articles about a big correction, to be honest I belive the next month we will have an SP500 wit a support at 1992 ( solid support in my opinion).
Let´s analyze this index.

DAY analysis.
MACD. Below 0, the signal is below the MACD too.
RSI. At 37% below 50.
Stochastic. At 31.41%
The the progresion of the stochastic shows us that the index wants to bounce however the trend tells us that it´s probably that won´t do that.
The RSI is below 50% and shows the same.
The Elliott waves I have painted in the chart says that it´s probably that the stock is starting to develope the 3 wave in a downside trend.
The SMA 200 is at 2071 and I have marked the 3erd Elliott wave there. As you can see before this point we can see the last reversal point at 1992 so I will not discart an extension of the 3rd wave. 
At the time of this analysis the index is at 2140 points gaining compared to its last sesion.
I recommend short positions at this time with a stop at 2149. if the index go above this point we will require another analysis to see which will be the behavoir of this index.

And that´s all for now folks!!
Have a nice day.