martes, 8 de abril de 2014

04/08/2014 EBAY Forecast. Last Price: 52.95$

04/08/2014 EBAY Forecast. Last Price: 52.95$.
Hi Everybody, What´s going on with this stock, yesterday EBAY fall another -1.94%. The street rate as a Buy even better rate than AAPL. It´s probably the big shareholders are pressing the stock in order to get a decision in Pay-Pal, however in my opinion they have to stop because If  potential investors are scared they will invest in other stocks with less potential for growth than EBAY and the stock will go down, with its earnings.Or maybe it´s the stock beta (about 0,96, If I remember correctly). Remmember the nasdaq is correcting (I think the correction will finish today, so it´s time to buy)
Let´s analyse the techicals.
Supports and Resistances:
S1: 52,32$ S2: 53$ R1: 54.77  R2: 56.37
I think the S1 is a strong support.

The MACD is under zero and below the signal.
The RSI is at 30% level. 
The stochastic show us that the price is oversold.
Bollinger bands: the price is in contact with the bollinger down.
Elliot waves: In the short-term the stock is finishing the V wave and it´s going to start the falt pattern.
In middle-term the price broke the 2-4 Elliot wave in the latests 3 sessions (I hope this is for it´s correlation with the Nasdaq!)
I had recalculated again the buy interval!
Buy Interval [52.19; 59.90], however the correction should ended at 57.27$. (To be honest I can´t define a valid interval with this price behavior!!). I´m hoping a bounce in the short-term. and the targets:
TG1: 54.87$
TG2: 57.12$
TGExt: 58.40$
I show you the graph.

I hope you find it useful!