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04/09/2014 Trading Idea Ford F Last Price: 15.84$

04/09/2014 Trading Idea Ford F Last Price: 15.84$.
As I said in the last Analysis( it´s in spanish but you can translate it!). In the last sessions the stock is going to enter in our buy interval I said.
In this review I have recalculated the buy interval.
The result is [$15.22;$15.70] and it´s very close to the actual price.
Let´s see the technicals:
Supports and Resistances( Short-term):
S1: $15.59 S2: $15.14 R1:$16.45 R2:$17
The curve made a break-out in march the 28.
The MACD is possitive and very close to the signal.
The RSI is at 54% and it looks flat.
The Stochastic is at 53% and going down. So it´s probably an small correction in the next sessions.
The +DI is above the -DI but very close to a new cross.
The original interval that I determined was [$14.84;$15.83], So I recommend to consider both intervals in order to take large positions.
The targets are the same I said in the last Analysis:
I recommend to wait until the price enter into the buy interval, once there stay alert with the technicals.
Enjoy the Day!
I leave you both charts analysis for compare.

 1 Analysis Chart 04/01/2014
Last Chart 04/09/2014

I recommend to buy. It´s probably the stock will bounce!.