viernes, 4 de abril de 2014

04/04/2014 Facebook FB Forecast.

04/04/2014 Facebook FB Forecast.
Hi again. The last session FB fell -5.15% with the Higest volume of the NASDAQ.
Support and Resistance.
S1: 56.71$ S2: 48.65$ R1: 63.53$ R2: 69.12$
The MACD is downtrend below 0 and will stay there in the next sessions.
RSI: 36% below 50% since 3/21/2014.
Stochastic: going down from 39%.
The stock broke the uptrend channel with a high volume, and in my opinion will go back to the gap (January 2014).
I think is a good company with grow potencial which had a big sles growth in the past, however it´s difficult to maintain this grow levels forever.
The stock is rolling with a P/E:97.52 and EPS:0.61, in the 2013 the EPS grew a 3000% from 0.01 in 2012.
It´s probably the stock will correct more in the next sessions. and there´s the buy interval.
BUY INTERVAL[52.97$;57.65$] MP 55.31$.
In my opinion the stock will stay in those levels in a few days. So I recommend to buy in this area, however you always have to see the oscilators an the technicals before the investment.
once in that price range we will see the targets, But I would not go long until the price reaches at least 54.87 $.
And That´s all at this moment. I hope you  had found it interesting. Be profitable!