viernes, 25 de abril de 2014

Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd. QIHU Last Price 92.26$ 04/25/2014

Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd. QIHU  Last Price 92.26$  04/25/2014

Hi Everybody, This week I was to busy so I have worked less in the blog than the last weeks, However I was following the market, every day.
This week APPL has published it´s 1Q results ( a good results). AMZN, SBUX too (not as well as APPL). Some Analyst are starting to think that there´s no bubble in tech.
The company I´m going to analyze today is a tech company which provides internet and mobile security products.
The Company has a P/E= 110.48 And EPS= 0.84
QIHU has a very impressive sales growth during the last 4 years. Let´s see the data:
In 2013 the sales growth  was increased in 104.21% And the 4 years average is 117.45%
The EPS in 2013 was increased a 108.24% and the 4 years average is 157,52%. In my opinion this company is undervalued.
the P/E of this company is relativetily low compared with for example LNKD (P/E= 714,96). And it´s probably the stock price will go up soon. The consensus average target price is 140.86$. While I´m writting this words the stock is at $93.92 (Before the Bell)
Let´s see the technicals:
Supports and Resistances:
S1: 86 S2: 80.54 R1: 101.32 R2: 113.08
The MACD is below zero and above the signal with an uptrend.
The RSI is at 45% figthing to cross the 50% level.
The Stochastic is at 66%. I have to say that the last wave of the movement was a good large wave. And nowadays the curve is going to bounce again to the top. If you see the week Chart the stochastic is leaving the oversold zone.
The AVG8/AVG14 are overlaped and they are crossing upwards.
As you can see in the Chart the stock broke the downtrend on April the17th.
The buy interval: It´s difficult establish a valid buy interval at this price level, however I recommend to buy before the stock go to the top. 
I can establish the targets and once there I will define the buy range:
Tg Ext:$157.34
I will make another analysis when the stock arrive to the first target.
Let´s see the Chart:

I hope this analyisis will be profitable to you. Remember to click in the ads in order to maintain this blog, thank you! :)