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Biogen IDEC BIIB Last Price $283,12 04/28/2014 Stock Analysis and Forecast

Biogen IDEC BIIB Last Price $283,12  04/28/2014.
Hi everybody,
Today I want to analyze Biogen Idec.
The consensus average target price is $350. The company has a P/E= 34.95 and a EPS= 8.10
Let´s see the technicals.
Supports and Resistances:
S1: 287.53 S2: 245.75 R1: 310 R2:339
As you can see in the Chart the price is inside an uptrend channel.
Yesterday the price drew a doji, so it´s pribably the stock bounce to the R1: $310. You can see a double ground too, Just in the bottom of the channel close to the AVG200.
Elliot Waves:
I marked the downtrend serie on the Chart. In my opinion actually the price is going to develope the wave III.(or the wave II in a new downtrend serie. In both cases the price will go up)
The MACD is very close to the signal and below zero.
The RSI is at 41%.
The stochastic is near to the oversold zone and it´s probably will bounce soon.
The +DI is below the -DI.
I recomend to buy this stock. It´s a good company with a good P/E and a solid EPS. The average sales growth in the last 4 years is 12.51%.
The Pipeline:
Nowadays Biogen idec has 2 products waiting to be approved (Eloctate- Hemophilia A,  and Plegridy).
6 Products in phase 3.
6 Products in Phase 2.
3 Products in Phase 1.
In my opinion this company has a high potential to increase their results in the short and medium term.
I recomend to buy this stock for the long term.
let´s see the targets:
TG ext:$335
If you want you can see the previous analysis and compare the behavior of the price.
And the chart:

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