viernes, 11 de abril de 2014

04/10/2014 DuPont Fabros Tech Trading Idea. Last Price. 24.16$

04/10/2014 DuPont Fabros Tech  Trading Idea. Last Price. 24.16$

Dupont Fabros Tech is a real estate investment trust. I recommended to buy this stock at the begining of the week. its in my stock's watchlist for this week. on April the 7th arrived to to $ 24.96. 
Let's analyze the stock and study the optimal entry points.

Supports and Resistances:
S1: 23.97$ S2: 22.40$ R1: 25.97$ R2: 27.38$
The Macd is below zero and above the signal.
The stochastic is going down from 77%,Actyally is at 68%.
The RSI is at 48% in a flat pattern under 50%. I expected greater rise during the week. Today Citigroup has raised its Price target to 78$, However the  consensus average target Price is 28.25$. The new rate will raise the consensus above 40$.
I don´t how this news will impact in the price today.

if you look at the Income statement you can see that the company increased its sales a 12.83% and the average of the last 4 years was 17.25%. It appears to me  that the company has a strong growth. P/E= 75,50 and EPS= 0.32. Dividend yield= 5.79%

The actuar buy interval I recommend is:
[23.70$;24.95$], (however you must  stay alert with the impact of Citigroup rate)
The targets:
TG1: 25.44$
Tg2: 26.29$
Tg Ext: 27.64$
And here its the Chart:

I recommend to buy today, as I recommended at the begining of the week.It´s probably the stock will rally soon with the Citi new target.

I hope you find it a profitable idea!!