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04/10/2014 Trading Idea General Electric GE Stock Analysis. Last Price. 25.58$

04/10/2014  Trading Idea General Electric GE Stock Analysis. Last Price. 25.58$.
General Electric was founded by Thomas Edison, a famous inventor in 1890. I personally prefer Nicola Tesla as a genius inventor but he had a sad history. At the end of his days he ended absolutely broke,having contributed to mankind with things as important as the wireless.
Anyway, let´s see the technicals:

Supports and resistances:
S1: 64.25 S2: 62.33 R1: 67.19 R2: 68.50
As you can see in the Chart, the curve made a break out on march the 31th. and showed us that it´s running in a uptrend channel, and inside a box.
The MACD is above zero in a flat pattern.
the RSI in 53% it corssed the 50% on March the 28th.
The MACD is going down fron 90% and actually is at 44%.
The stochastic is starting a flat pattern so it´s probably the stock will bounce in a short-time.
The buy interval is very close to the actual price:
Once we open the position in this interval the targets will be:
Tg2: 69.18$
Tg Ext: 71.91$
At TG1 level I recommend to revise the analysis in order to decide to hold or sell the stock.
Since the end of the summer I´m listening a lot of people saying things about a market correction Even Robert J. Shiller said things about it. And I think its probably true, stocks like LNKD which were negociated at 250$ now is below 170$. Is this correction loosing steam or not!, Who knows. In my opinion at this scenario an alternative might be to invest in strong companies like Ford Motors (F) ( Recently an study said a considerable increase in car sales in USA, and yesterday annonunced a dividend) or General Electric (GE).
Let´s see the Chart.

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