lunes, 14 de abril de 2014

04/14/2014 Dupont Fabros Tech DFT WEEK CHART NOTES. Last price: 23.78$

04/14/2014 Dupont Fabros Tech DFT WEEK CHART. Last price: 23.78$

Hi, Today I want to analyse DFT, as you know i analysed this securitie last week, however now i want to show you the chart weekly, I think there´s the key to decide to invest.
Let´s see the technicals:
The RSI is at 46%. and in the last two weeks tried to jump above the 50%.
The MACD is close to zero below the signal.
The +DI is below the -DI, however is very close and it´s probably that it will intersect in the short-term.
YOu can see the Stochastic on the point to cross the %K. It´s probably that the stochastic will begin a long up movement.

In the weekly chart you can see the behavior of the price clearly. It´s just inside a box. And with this momentum technicals it´s probably the stock will bounce to the top of the box 25.88$.
The fundamentals and the new upgrades of the stock, (you better see the last analysis)it´s probably the stock will roll above this price in the next month.
This company has increased the dividend to 0.32%. And this is the forecast growth for the Q1 and Q2.

And this is the weekly Chart. You can see a bullish engulfing pattern and a bullish divergence( Stochastic). Those facts make me thing the stock will rally soon ( if the rest of the market permits!!). The question is, What are the HDF and the institutions waiting for? the Q1 results. It´s probably they are analyzing the company in order to determine if Citigroup is right. By the way, please remmenber to click in some advertisements in order to maintain this blog, Thank you!.