jueves, 10 de abril de 2014

04/09/2014 GILD Gilead Sciences Inc Trading idea. Last Price. 70.65$

04/09/2014 GILD Gilead Sciences Inc Trading idea. Last Price. 70.65$
This is biopharmaceutical company. Few weeks ago the investos thought in a bubble in the sector. So many stocks as BIIB fell. In my opinion it´s important the support of the investors in research companies, in order to to improve the quality of life of people suffering from diseases.
Biogen idec bounced yesterday and closed above 300$.
Let´s see some fundamentals:
GILD is rolling with a P/E= 14.85 and with a EPS= 2.01
In 2013 the Sales grew a 16.72%.The average of the last 4 years was 12.75%. In my opinion the growth of this company sounds brilliant. The EPS in 2013 was 1.81 and the average (5 years) was 1.66.
The analyst consensus average target for this year is 98.99$ (+39.95%).
Let´s see the technicals.
Supports and resistances:
S1: 68.37 S2: 62.43 R1: 73.94  R2:79.50 
The MACD is in a flat pattern with the signal below zero.
The stochastic is at 35% going down, it will be soon oversold.
The RSI is at 38% and is below 50% since march the 6.
The momentum is going up.
The -DM is at 31.99 and +DI is at 13.93 in a flat pattern.
If we talk about the Elliot waves we can see the curve is going to finish a bearish serie ( I have marked the waves on the chart).
The buy interval [66.92$;70.14$] however, as you can see on the graph the curve arived to 67.63 on march the 28.
It would be interesting to follow this stock today!.
Note: MERK (competitor) has developed a good treatment for hepatitis C and will affect the stock
Let´s see our actual targets:
TG1: 73.94$
TG2: 76.83$
TG Ext: 81.50$
Here I leave the Chart! I hope you find this analysis interesting!

Now the stock is below the buy interval. I think is oversold but I recomend to wait until the price stabilizes.
It´s going down like a stone -7.06%!.