jueves, 22 de mayo de 2014

Yahoo! Inc. YHOO Stock analysis and forecast. Last Price $34.36(+1.45%) 05-22-2014

Yahoo! Inc. YHOO Stock review and forecast. Last Price $34.36(+1.45%)  05-22-2014.
Hi Dudes. How you doing?. Today I want to analyze again YHOO! if you want to see sonme fundamentals and technicals you can visit the previous analysis. Now I think could be interesting to establish another buy range and target points.
Let´s see the Chart.

In the previous analysis I established the primary target at $35.51 the price reached a $34.68 and then fell again.
Nowadays the Chart has changed.
The MACD is going to cross the signal today, the RSI is at 46% and the Stochastic is going up at 56%.
The Actual buy range is [$33.61;$33.93]. 
The actual scenario tells me that is posible that the price arrives to the tg1 soon.

And the targets are:
Tg1:$35.78 TG2:$36.56 TGext:$38.69
And that´s all. I hope this analysis will be profitable to you! Please remember to click on some ads before you leave in order to maintain this blog, Its important!! Thank you!. :)