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PNY Piedmont Natural gas Co. Last Price $34.47(-0.86%) 05-14-2014

PNY Piedmont Natural gas Co. Last Price  $34.47(-0.86%)  05-14-2014.
Hi, This company has a P/E= 18.05 and an EPS= 1.91.
The 03/06/2014 the company reported an EPS= 1.26 better than expected (consensus EPS= 1.18).
However, the average target price consensus is $34.50.
Let´s see some fundamentals.
Sales growth: LAst year the company reported a +13.85% sales growth. Since 2010 the company had a negative sales growth with an average of -5.18%.
In my opinion the stock will go lower in the next sesions.
Anyway, let´s see the chart.

Supports and resitances:
S1:34.26 S2:33.72 R1:35.27 R2:36.15
Elliot waves: Actually the stock is developing the 5 wave (downtrend serie).
The stochastic is at 16% and bounced at 20% in it´s last attempt to exit of the oversould zone.
The mMACD is below zero and below de signal.
The RSI is at 38%.
The DMI is now flat. +DI and -Di are very close.
If you want to buy this stock I recomend to wait until the stock reaches lower prices. In my opinion it´s probably that the price will start a flat movement inside a box,with a AVG 200 as a support.
Th buy range is [$33.25;$33.91]. But it´s probably that the price will go lower than this range.
Once the price arrives to this range the targets will be:
Tg1:$34.59 Tg2:$35.46 
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