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GOOG Inc C Trading idea review. Last Price $529.77 05-21-2014

GOOG Inc C Trading idea review. Last Price $529.77 05-21-2014
Hi mates, How you doing?. I want to review the previous analysis of GOOG C.
During the last sesion the stock reached the 536.23, very close to the target 1  I pointed in the previous analysis.
Let´s see the Chart.

As you can see on the Chart. The price drew a doji star yesterday, this is a powerful reversal signal.
The MACD is above the signal and close to zero.
The RSI is at 49% and is moving in a tight range.
The Stochastic is at 60% and it seems to me that is unsure of which direction will take.
the DMI: +DI and -DI are very close and it´s probably will have a cross soon.
Actually my recomendation is:
If the sotck won´t go above the 536.23 today(it´s very likely), wait for a reversal.
And buy again in the actual buy range [520;523]. There´is a strong support at $515
If the stock will go above the 536.23 take care of the intraday signals and try to look for the target2 ( previous analysis). 
In my opinion the stock will correct a little bit during today´s sesion, However, stay alert!!!

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