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AMZN Stock Analysis and Forecast. Last price $288.32 05/09/2014

AMZN Stock Analysis and Forecast. Last price $288.32  05/09/2014

Hi Everybody. AMZN  has a P/E= 450.50 and an EPS= 0.64.
On march the company reported an 0.23 EPS versus the 0.22 consensus forecast.
The financials of this company looks fine, however during the last years the EPS has been falling dramaticaly. In fact last year 2013 the company has been recovered from a negative EPS (-0.09, year 2012).
The average EPS 4 years= 1.61
Last year 2013 = 0.59
Let´s see some technicals.
Supports and resistances:
S1:$288.1 S2:$270.69 R1:$310.47 R2:$337

As you can see on the Chart the price is moving into a downtrend channel. Actually the stock is near the S1 support.
The mMACD is in a downtrend movement at 30%.
The RSI is at 32%. I can think that it´s probable the stock will bounce, however in the past the RSI´s stock arrvived at 23%. So we have to take care about it.
Elliot waves. Actually the stock is going to the V wave and then it will start the flat pattern.
The buy range is [277.19;289.26]. The Price is now in this buy range, however I recomend to wait until the price has finished the V wave movement. I recomend to buy near 280$ aprox.
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