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GOOG Inc Trading Idea and Stock Analysis. Last Price. $504.89 12-18-2014

GOOG Inc Trading Idea and Stock Analysis. Last Price. $504.89  12-18-2014.
HI mates, how you doing?. 
With the russian currency going down like and elevator, the Greek politics and the oil estable more or less at 55$. The Fed said yesterday good news about the USA economy and the interest rate hike would be at may or june. I expect a delay christmas rally.
Anyway let´s analyze Google. Actually this stock is really oversold.

Let´s see the  DAILY Chart.

Supports and resistances:
S1:$507.30  S2:489.88  R1:$539.31 R2:$561.51

RSI: is at 33.61% going out the oversold zone.
MACD: Below zero and below signal. However is very close to zero and it´s probably will cross to the upside in a few days.

The Stochastic is at 16% inside the oversold zone. In my opinion this stock will rally in the next sesions.
As you can see the price is inside a downtrend channel. 2 days ago the price touched the bottom of the  channel and yesterday started the bounce.
I think is a good stock and today we have the oportunity to buy.
There´s a confluence area K [526,68; 540.21] that we can use as a target zone.

I have calculated the main targets too:
TG Ext: $572.48

Yesterday the stock closed very close to the 507 support. In my opinion the price will blow this support during today sesion and then will reach the main targets.
I think will arrive to the first target easyly. At this level I will analyze this stock again.

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