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AAPL Trading Idea and Stock analysis. Last Price $112.54(-0.35%) 12-24-2014

AAPL Trading Idea and Stock analysis. Last Price $112.54(-0.35%)  12-24-2014 
HI mates, how you doing?. I would like to analyze Apple Inc. One of my favorite stock for this 2015. A few days ago MOrgan Stanley said that the Apple´s Iphone Demand is above the expectations. And the demand in China is Surging. And the company will release a new Iphone 4" for the next year.
 So I think it´s a good stock in your portfolio.
Anyway, Let´s see the Chat.

Supports and resistances.
S1:$109.10 S2:$106,30 R1:118.20 R2:$126.66

As you can see on the chart, the price is inside and uptrend channel wich was broke upside with the $119 max. It seems to me this is a bullish signal and fot the begining of the year it´s really probably that will go even above this point.

Tha MACD looks flat very close to zero and will cross the signal in the next sesions. (BUllish).

The Stochastic is at 85.46 and looks flat.
The RSI is at 51.99 (Bullish).

To be honest you can wait until the stochastic will go out from the overbought zone. However the last correction was very hard and with this stock if you wait it´s probably you will buy at higher price than today.

Actual targets:
Tg1: $121.13
T2: $126.66
Tg ext:$130.52

That´s all folks! Merry Christmas to everybody in everywhere and happy new year 2015!!! Enjoy your family and friends and be good!!

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