viernes, 25 de julio de 2014

SM Energy Stock analysis and Forecast. Last Price $77.96(+0.41) 07-25-2014

SM Energy Stock analysis and Forecast. Last Price $77.96(+0.41)  07-25-2014.
HI Dudes, How you doing? Today I would like to analyze SM Energy.
Let´s see some fundamentals:
P/E Ratio= 23.60
EPS= 3.29
Sales Growth 2013= 48.35%
Sales growth average (4 years)= 36.29%
EPS 2013= 2.51
EPS Average (5 years)=1.26

As you can see this company had a great growth during 2013.

Let´s see the Chart.

Supports and Reistances:
S1:$79.8 S2:70.55 R1:82.25 R2:87.16

As you can see on the Chart the price bounced from the avg200 and the low level of the uptrend channel during the last sesions.

The RSI is at 46% with a flat pattern.

The Stochastic is going up at and yesterday crossed the neutral zone. Actually is at 53%.
The Macd Is below zero and actually is close to the signal. It´s probably that will cross the signal and will cross the zero level in the next sesions. So I belive that the bounce will continue to the actual targets.
The CCI is going up and will cross the zero level.
Actual Targets:
TG ext:$94.20

The 2nd Quarter conference call is the next week July 30th.
In my opinion this stock is undervalued. I belive that the earnings report will be better than expected.
And before and after  this conference the stock will go up.

Insiders Actions during the last 3 months:
Purchases: 119.484 Shares.
Sales: 47.105 Shares.

And that´s all for today! Have a nice summer!