lunes, 14 de julio de 2014

DDD Stock analysis and forecast. Last price. $56.81 (+1.54%) 7-14-2014

DDD Stock analysis and forecast. Last price. $56.81 (+1.54%)  7-14-2014.
Hi, How are you doing mates?
Today I want to analyze DDD. A great company with a great future.
Let´s see the chart.

Supports and Resistances:
S1:$55.20 S2:$48.84 R1:$63.46 R2:$74.29

The RSI is at 52%, during the last sesions it bounced up from 50%. In my opinion is a bullish signal.

The stochastic is at 20% flat and wants to leave the oversold zone. I think will bounce from this level in the next sesion. There was an upside cross (%K) during the last sesion. Bullish signal.
The MACD is below the signal and above zero it looks flat.
As you can see on June 17th the curve broke the down trendline.

Fibonacci retracementes:
We can see a doji star just in the last relaive min at the 61.80 fibonacci level ( it´s marked with a circle)

Candlesticks. I marked  a reversal pattern a morning star with 2 dojis.
From my point of view this stock will work above $62 soon. there´s a lot of reversal patterns.
On the other hand we have the 8/14 avg very close. However the 8avg is flat with the last sesions price action.
I recommend to buy this stock and look for this targets:
Tg ext:$75.59
We have a very profitable targets if we go long.
That´s all mates! Enjoy the summer!!