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#FB Stock analysis review and forecast. Last price 63.08 (-0.35%) 06-03-2014

#FB Stock analysis review and forecast. Last price 63.08 (-0.35%) 06-03-2014.
HI mates, I would like to review the last #fb stock forecast. If you want to see the previous forecast you can click on the blog directory or here to see the previous forecast.
 Let´s see the Chart.

As you can see the price had developed the 3rd Elliot wave, now it´s time go down to the 4rd wave.
The price is inside a box since April 2th.

The MACD is above zero and above tthe signal too.
The RSI is at 59%.
The stochastic is leaving the overbought zone and going down.
The DMI is flat.

Actually the stock is very close to the resistance $64.22

The Actual buy range is: [61.59;62.07]. 

I´m waiting for a #NASDAQ correction. Maybe below 4.184 points. So pay attention to the Dayly Chart. The stock could correct more than the buy range. you can take the previous buy range to buy this stock too.

The previous buy range was: [60.05;61.25].

And the actual targets are:
Tg1:$66.35 Tg2:$69.03 

I recomend to wait until for a lower price to buy. Actually is close to the strong resistance of 64.33 and there are some dojis from the last sesions there.
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