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AMZN Stock analysis and trading idea. Last Price. $324.16(-0.94%) 06-25-2014

AMZN Stock analysis and trading idea. Last Price. $324.16(-0.94%)  06-25-2014.
Hi mates, How you doing? I would like to analyze AMZN.
Let´s see the Chart.

Let´see some technicals:

Supports and resistances:
S1:314 S2:319 R1:335.71 R2:366

The MACD is above zero and below its signal.
The RSI is at 53%.
The stochastic is oversold. In my opinion it´s probably that will bounce in the next sesions.

DMI: +DI is above -DI and it seems flat.

Elliot waves: The price has finished the flat pattern during the last sesions. It´s probably that will start the 1st wave (uptrend serie).
Since june the 4th the curve has drawn a nice flag.
As you can see in the chart the price is moving inside a box. Actually is at the low level so I think we have a good chance to buy this stock.

The top of the box is at $340 so we can use this level as a target too.
Let´s see the actual targets:
Tg1:$343 TG2:$357 Tg ext:$379

 Actually the stock is very close to the support so I recomend to buy and look for the targets. In my opinion is oversold and will go above $336 soon.
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