lunes, 1 de septiembre de 2014

BIIB trading Idea. Stock review. 09-01-2014 last Price $343.04 (+0.53%)

BIIB  trading Idea. Stock review. 09-01-2014 last Price $343.04 (+0.53%).
 Today I would like to review the last Trading idea that I posted last month.
Biogen Idec. My favourite biotech company. I returned home yesterday so finally I have a good internet conexion. I will continue posting trading ideas every day.

Anyway, let´s see the chart.

As you can see the price is inside an uptrend channel and actually is very close to the top. During the last weeks the price has been unable to take a position above the resistance.

Supports and Resistances:
S1:$319.83 S2:$295.99 R1:$348 R2:$358

The MACD crossed the signal during the last sesions so it´s probably the stock will correct soon.
The RSI is at 60% inside a flat movement.
The stochastic is at 62% however it seems flat without a definite movement.
Today is September 1st and  stasiscally is one of the worst month to buy stocks. We´ve got an asimetric triangle during the last week. The cross of the MACD and the price is close to the top of the channel. 
I ike this stock, however I think it´s a little bit expensive today. I recomend to wait until the price arrives to the buy range.

Buy Range: [$318;$324]
Once there we will look for this targets:

I hope this analysis will be profitable to you.:) Remember to click on the adsand the impressions in order to maintain this blog. thank you!:)